Mommin’ is NOT for the faint of heart! I hope you get a good laugh out of this story  because somebody needs to laugh for me.

Yesterday started out as such an AWESOME day! Seriously! I had a play date party at my home with about 20-30 moms and kids and it was so, so, soooo much fun. The kids all played so nicely together, nobody was hurting each other or getting hurt…it was literally the dream play date for us moms because we actually got a chance to hang out and relax. We had tons of yummy food & awesome conversations and it was bliss.

Well… I should have known that with my day going as smooth as it was that something was bound to happen. What happened you’re wondering? I’ll tell you what happened, LACY STRUCK.

Seconds, after the last mom left, I locked both of my doors (front & back) so neither of my kids could escape and I walk out the back deck door to grab a cup on the table and walk back to go inside, and here, Lacy had locked me out of the house. This was no ordinary situation because she had actually shut the door, locked it AND threw the pole inside of the slider so I really couldn’t get in. OMG. Initially I didn’t see the metal pole in the door so I was asking my one and a half-year old to unlock the door for me. Like the good boy he was, he unlocked it but I STILL wasn’t able to get inside and that’s when I realized what had actually happened. The panic quickly overwhelmed me as I was standing outside in a bikini, with no phone and no way to get inside to keep both of my little’s alive and well.

For thirty minutes I begged, b e g g e d Lacy to let me in and pick up the pole and take it out (which she does a hundred times a day)…instead she ignored me and put a book up to her face and silently read to herself. I then, decided I needed help so I ran next door to my neighbors house, for reinforcement. My neighbor then proceeded to try and bribe her to open the door for us and for a split second, she grabbed the pole and we thought “this is it!”, only for her to lay it back down, smirk, yawn and lay down, right in front of us to go “night-night”.

WHAT?!? Is this for real happening right now? Did I really get locked out by a 3 year old?? Needless to say my husband was furious and came home and had to rip our BRAND NEW SIDE DOOR off our home (because our house is like Fort Knox) in order to get inside to my now hysterically crying children. I rest my case – mommin’ is freaking hard!!!! Whoever thinks mommin is a walk in the park has clearly NEVER had kids before, which is why I chose this shirt to wear today by Loved by Hannah and Eli “MAMA BEAR” for my morning appointments. It seemed very appropriate . I paired it with these comfy leggings and my favorite UGG flip flops.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

I adore this brand clothing because like a “mama bear & papa bear” we were DETERMINED to get back inside of our home and protect and take care of our kids which led to breaking our brand new (expensive I might add) side door. Sigh. Lacy’s only 3 and she’s already pulling stuff like this…I guess I better just buckle up.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

My necklace is by Nashelle and I have worn this in the pool, in the shower, to the beach and it has NEVER tarnished & it’s by far one of my favorite things that I wear and certainly the most worn as well. Plus, for every piece of jewelry purchased they donate a plate of food to somebody who cannot afford to eat. I. LOVE. THAT. How freakin’ amazing is that, and I’m reminded of that every time I wear it. You guys should totally check them out and if nothing else, buy something from them and know that you just helped somebody nourish themselves and that person is so thankful for it. Love hard.

I hope you enjoyed a recap of my funny but not so funny day yesterday. Stop by tomorrow for another great post!

Toodles! xoxo

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  1. Andrea Rovaggi says:

    Noooo!!! Oh my word. I was In complete suspense reading Adventures with Lacy (that just might be your next blog name) 😂 Grateful that you got inside and all was ok (minus the door) 😬 You are right about it not being easy. We all have moments (or full complete days!) where we say “Jesus, come quickly!” I can’t wait to how God uses Lacy. She may be working at the Pentagon with her quick wit and fast moves. Lol. Hugs to you, Momma Bear! Hoping today was a lot less eventful! 😘


    1. fareflairfit says:

      Hahah you’re so right Andrea! She is quick alright and yes today was definitely (and thankfully) less eventful lol. Hugs back lady! xoxo


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